Web Development and Design

methodologyIt would be safe to say that Kanda’s degree of expertise and knowledge in web development and web design is second to none.
US PTO Patents Search Web interface and underlying technology were developed by Kanda well over a decade ago, recognized by Smithsonian as a game-changing application half a dozen years hence and is still active on US PTO site.
Long before the appearance of Google Kanda had developed Web crawler and relevance-ranking engine for NorthernLights.
One of the pioneers of SaaS, ChannelWave, was Kanda’s client. As a web development and design company, Kanda has designed and developed many Web Content Commerce, Marketplaces, and Portal SaaS and Mobile applications.

App and Web Design

We let the purpose of the particular web application to drive its design. For Kanda, beautiful interface is not only the one that looks good, good mobile app and web design should also be consistent, user friendly, allow comfortable and logical navigation. High user adoption rates are the top priority for us. A very important and largely unique component of many of Kanda’s engagements is a “Clickable Prototype” – an implementation of much of the foreseen screens with transitions but without the underlying logic. In our experience when people see the interactions and how pages are arranged and transform they are much more likely to understand and comment on the product than from dry verbal descriptions or even wire-frames embedded in Word Documents.

Web Development and Web Design Projects

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Software Development Technical Skills

Kanda has nearly two hundred software developers, UI web and app designers experienced in various aspects of Java development, .NET, Objective C, PHP, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails, HTML 5 and other technologies. In addition, Kanda’s software developers have technology skills in Android, iPhone and Windows mobile application design and development. We use various IDE and tools, depending on the customer and technical resource preference.Our wide-ranging software development and app design technical expertise is essential to deliver transparent support when the customer decides to switch technical direction, undergo language, platform migration or integrate with external products. For several of our customers we worked in .NET and then moved the product completely into Java environment. We have also ported large Web SaaS products from Java to Ruby on Rails (RoR) and even from Java to .NET. Kanda got you covered no matter what and how you want you application or software developed.
Kanda software developers follow standard coding conventions and best practices for all types of projects. Coding guidelines are well documented and are taught to all employees based on internal document and industry’s best practices. These coding guidelines can be adapted to a particular customer’s requirements .For code security and penetration threat prevention Kanda Software has adapted secure software development guidelines developed by Security Innovation – the leader in code compliance and certification and application security risk reduction. If the customer requires an independent 3rd party audit of code Security Innovation will conduct threat assessments.

Kanda Software generally follows Agile development approach. Agile software development methodology provides flexibility to make prompt changes according to customer requirements, which results in a better client satisfaction. All Scrum Masters are formally trained and developers go through internal training as well. Agile development approach allows greater adaptability and much shorter response time to requirements’ change. Plus, it is ideally suited to the user-centric applications and projects with multiple stakeholders. Modular fully functional deliverables allow modifications and in-line corrections. The progress is precisely tracked, because daily communications ensure that everyone is on the same page. Concentration on the priorities allows more time to get the most important features done right.

Some of our larger clients are still focusing on strict process and predictability;
so about 30% of our projects are using Waterfall development or combined approach.

Client Spotlight:

“LinkedIn for the Military” – social network and collaboration environment for active military personnel!
Kanda has done Technical Architecture, UX Design, Development, QA and Deployment for RallyPoint. Five months after commencement RallyPoint was open to invitation-only beta and a month after that it has gone live generating coverage in Forbes, Time, NPR, Washington Post and other national media.RallyPoint won the $100,000 Diamond Award in the prestigious 2012 Mass Challenge Startup Competition. RallyPoint has recently received $5M in Series A funds.