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.NET Development Services

A tight mesh of core Kanda strengths

Since .NET inception in early 2000s, Kanda has been helping enterprises and startups build, upgrade,
modernize and maintain reliable and scalable multi-purpose, cross-platform, cross-device .NET
solutions and applications for a broad range of industries.

Kanda’s .NET top-notch full-stack software developers are skilled at delivering fast, complex and
reliable on-premise and cloud-based .NET web and mobile applications, IoT and Big Data, and AI
solutions uniquely tailored to our Clients’ business objectives, time constraints, and budgets.

Kanda .NET Software Development Services:

.NET Web Application Development
.NET Web Application Development
  • Custom .NET Web app design, architecture, development, QA, support and maintenance
  • Cloud-ready, cross-browser, cross-platform high performance enterprise solutions utilizing ASP.NET Core and other technologies like JavaScript and HTML5
  • SaaS applications architected entirely around ASP.NET platform
  • Migration to .NET
  • Web application modernization
.NET Cloud Applications Development
.NET Cloud Applications Development
  • Greenfield Cloud Development on Azure, Google Cloud and AWS platforms
  • Migration of .NET applications from on-premise to the cloud
  • CI/CD and DevOps Services for .NET applications
.NET-based Mobile Application Development
.NET-based Mobile Application Development
  • User-friendly and fast cross-device mobile applications
  • Reliable and secure mobile application Back-End solutions ready for a seamless integration with third-party tools
Robust and Scalable IoT Solutions
Robust and Scalable IoT Solutions

We leverage .NET real-time functionality and services like Azure IoT Hub/Edge or SignaIR to deliver high-performance innovative Internet of Things applications

Machine Learning and AI Solutions
Machine Learning and AI Solutions

Speech recognition, voice-to-text, image processing, and consumer analytics utilizing Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services capabilities.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics
Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Data Lake and Data Warehouse design, architecture and implementation
  • Real-Time analytics
  • Custom Big Data Predictive analytics solutions based utilizing Machine Learning and AI to make sense of complex multi-source unstructured data, build a complete 360-degree view of the customer and make better business decisions
Server-Side .NET Development and Back-End Integration
Server-Side .NET Development and Back-End Integration
  • Three-tier and n-tier application design and deployment
  • Native integration with MS-SQL, Oracle, MS Access, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • Integration with third party environments and tools, including OpenText and FAST Search, as well as BI, ETL, and OLAP tools
  • Workflow Engine and SharePoint integration

Kanda .NET Development Team at a Glance

Developing reliable enterprise-grade Java Web and Mobile Applications
Experts in .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core technologies, related frameworks and libraries
Master’s Degrees
Hold Master’s Degrees in Computer Science

Kanda .NET developers:

  • Go through intensive technical interviews and a three-month trial period before being officially hired.
  • Receive formal Agile methodology training and continual improvement exercises.
  • Have diverse backgrounds, but have one thing in common, they are great thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Integrate with client teams as much as or as little as is appropriate – the client always retains all IP.

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